Watch These Girls Lose Their Minds in the Most Insane Carolina Reaper Video Ever

This is what happens when you eat the hottest pepper in the world.

Sometimes, certain people spontaneously get inspired to take a video of themselves eating really hot peppers and put it online. They all usually follow the same plot: talking about how hot the pepper is, eating it, swearing, crying, drinking water, then a slow, gradual resolve. Pretty standard.

As sadistic as these videos are, we love to watch people scorch their mouths on incredibly fiery peppers and drool everywhere. Lucky for us, Youtuber Lizzy Wurst decided to join forces with a friend and eat the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, and get it all on video for our amusement. And boy, was it worth it. 

Just so you know, the Carolina Reaper is a diabolical little pepper genetically engineered by mad scientist Ed Currie, and it measures over 1.5 million on the Scoville Heat Unit. So you have an idea of how hot that is, just think of how hot a habanero pepper is. Now multiply that by 15. That’s approximately as hot as the inner circle of hell.

Now that we completely understand how spicy the Carolina Reaper is, get ready to watch Lizzy and her friend Sabrina completely lose their shit and have spice-induced meltdowns after eating the pepper. 

Let’s recap. The girls started out lovely as ever, smiling to the camera, oblivious to the hell that is about to sweep through their digestive system. 

A minute later, they’re in tears, because they willingly ingested the world’s hottest pepper. 

Well, that was fun. Hopefully their intestines didn’t melt. 

Other notable mentions of hot-chili-eaters include:

1. Sean Evans and Chili Klaus

2. These two dudes

3. These bros, who end up chugging a gallon of milk over the sink

4. A goddamn 12-year old kid?!?

We hope you enjoyed watching this compilation of people suffering. And good luck to anyone who ever attempts to eat anything this spicy. Godspeed.