Give It Up For the BMX Biker Who Stood Up To a Police Officer And Won

This guy knows how to flex his rights.

It’s reasonable to assume that most police officers are well-informed when it comes to matters of municipal code, but this video demonstrates why you shouldn’t always make that assumption.

On what looks like a beautiful day in Long Beach, California, a police officer approached a group of BMX bikers and ordered them to stop riding their bikes on the boardwalk, suggesting that they pass the word along to their friends.

One of the bikers wasn’t buying it. After the police officer cited a local ordinance prohibiting bikes in the area, he hit him with exact reference number for the law pertaining to the specific area of the boardwalk, a law which in fact allows for bikes to be ridden on the boardwalk. 

While the police officer very well could have just been following up on a complaint, his dismay with being owned by his own logic was apparent as his tone shifted from inquisitive to overly assertive. After the bikers accused him of harassment, the officer decides enough is enough and ends the confrontation with an insincere parting salutation. 

While we wouldn’t recommend cracking open your local municipal code book if you’re looking for a good read (it’s insanely boring), taking a quick look might not be such a bad idea. It could save you from some undue trouble with law enforcement officers who, for some reason, don’t know the letter of the law.

h/t Raw Story