Give It Up For This Bottomless Girl Who Braved the Blizzard Like a Boss

“Historic blizzard,” my ass!


We reported this before: blizzards make people horny. For Winter Storm Jonas, we clued you in on a number of raunchy Craigslist solicitations, with some seeking to weather the storm through BDSM and others with good old-fashioned snow sex. To us, it all seemed like fun and games.

We failed, however, to consider the morning after.

Proving that a wimpy “historic blizzard” should never stand between you and your need to get freaky, a young woman was caught on YouTube walking back from what was likely a sexy, snowbound rendezvous. While some may call this a “walk of shame,” we prefer “walk of glory.”

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Just think about it.  She’s barefoot and almost entirely naked, apart from an oversized men’s T-shirt. And we all know that an oversized man’s tee is a proud way of declaring, “I just got laid.”

While her walk home doesn’t look like much fun, there are ultimately prices to pay for shacking up when the temperatures drop. Like frostbite…

That said, we give it up to this woman’s bold act of bottomless bravado. Her determination inspires us. 

h/t Bro Bible