Watch as a Terrifying Great White Shark Severs Divers’ Airlines and Traps Them in Cages

No one wants to be caught in a real-life ‘Jaws.’

Less than a week after another video of a Great White encounter gone wrong went viral, we have an even more terrifying video of a cage diving incident to convince us to hang up the diving fins.

Weirdly, this occurred in almost the exact same location as the earlier video, off the coast of Guadalupe island. Four divers, including Bluewater Dive Travel operations director Katie Yonker, were in a topless cage that had been lowered into the water at a supposedly ideal depth for viewing Great Whites. 

As a 15 foot shark approached the cage, it bit through the main airline. One of the more experienced divers quickly turned on an emergency valve right before the predator went over the top of the cage and swam straight down into the opening. 

The shark’s body then became stuck in between the bars of the cage, trapping three divers. The boat’s crew quickly yanked the rig to the surface, and the divers were miraculously able to squeeze past the huge creature and get back to the safety the boat. 

After a tricky process that required tying a rope around its tail, the shark was finally set free.

Yonker wrote a trip report after the incident, in which she explained that the the shark was not attacking humans. 

“To be clear, this was in no way a shark attack,” she wrote, “It was a shark enticed by the scent of tuna, not humans. I suspect (and hope) that this incident prompts some changes in the operations, mainly to the design of the cages so that this cannot happen again.”

Let’s get on that before one of these diving experiences turns into a feeding frenzy.

h/t Bro Bible