Watch This Groom Make the Greatest Wedding Entrance Ever While Blasting The Rock's Theme Song

"Do you take this man to smell what he's cookin'?"
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A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony would've been enough for many couples, but Canadians Bidemi Akingbola and Olutosin Apata recently decided to take it to the next level. With Redwood Studio, a cinematography outfit that appears to specialize in the original, Akingbola went into epic mode.

He perfectly choreographed his walk to await his bride in the spirit of what many would agree was The Rock's all-time greatest entrance at the height of his career in pro wrestling. Here it is for comparison.

Bidemi Akingbola, we have to admit, totally nailed the vibe. Don't just take our word for it. Akingbola's tribute got the nod from no less than Dwayne Johnson himself.

Hell yes. 

There's an argument to be made against stunt marriage proposals, sure. They set up a dangerous situation for both sides that could end in embarrassment if one of them isn't entirely ready to say "yes." 

But once the rings are ready and the deal is about to be finalized in front of families? Do your thing! 

Especially if it's totally Rock-approved. 

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