Watch Some Jerk Pull a Struggling Shark Out of the Water to Take Pictures With It

Yes, this happened… again

Shark Capture, Release on Palm Beach

VIDEO: Shark capture, release on Palm Beach(Shark was put farther into water after end of video. It did not resurface for several minutes.) WPTV #amcrew #wptvwx #beach #shark

Posted by Ashleigh Walters on Saturday, February 20, 2016

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Less than a week after a group of selfie-obsessed idiots inadvertently killed a baby dolphin after grabbing it from the ocean to take pictures with it, another video has surfaced showing what is way too close to the exact same thing.  

As a Florida man came across a small shark floundering in shallow water in Palm Beach, he made the incredibly daft decision to grab it by the tail, drag it further up the beach, hold its head and tail down, and casually pose for photos with the poor creature as it struggled to survive. As if that didn’t already make him a total douche bag, he also flexed his triceps and sucked in his gut for the big Kodak moment. 

Thankfully, a cut at the end of the video shows what appears to be the animal’s release back into the water. 

It seems ludicrous to have to say this, but please stop putting wildlife in danger to take a picture with it. Try a zoo, instead. 

h/t Daily Mail