Survey Reveals How Many Of Us Had Stress-Induced Hair Loss During Quarantine

HairClub’s Quarantine Hair Health Survey found that 46% of men and 33% of women lost hair as a result of quarantine stress.

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HairClub conducted a third-party survey on hair care and hair health during quarantine. One statistic will definitely have folks talking: Almost half (45%) of those surveyed said that going without a professional hairstylist for 6 months was actually worse than not having sex for the same time period.

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Of all HairClub’s accomplishments over the last four decades, one thing the brand is most proud of is showing its more than 600,000 clients just how much it cares about them. They do that in part through staying informed by tracking the kind of data found via the HairClub 2020 national survey. 

Seeing some stats in black and white can be illuminating. 

Between July 31st and August 4th, 2020, Wakefield Research conducted the HairClub Survey using email invitations and an online survey. They sampled 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults ages 18 and up. 


For example, a startling 61% of Americans say their hair looked worse than ever during quarantine because they couldn’t go to a professional. Additionally, 38% of Americans have cut their own hair during quarantine—46% of men grabbed the clippers and took care of business compared to just 39% of women.

Then there was this: 39% of Americans have experienced hair loss during quarantine as the result of stress. A subset of that group includes 12% who have experienced significant loss, according to Wakefield’s data. And as if losing hair isn’t bad enough, the way Americans approach DIY styling hasn’t helped, leaving them counting down the days until they can see a professional again.


HairClub Hair Health Expert Shab Reslan provided some insight into pandemic-related hair problems. “The two main reasons for hair loss during COVID can be stress-induced, which causes a diffuse type of hair loss where hair is shed from all over the scalp, and the other type is poor quality hair growth,” she said. 

“This can be caused by poor diet,” Reslan continued, “lack of exercise and increase of antidepressant and anxiety medications. Falling out of our routine can really take a toll on the body and for some, it shows in their hair.” 

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“Since we’ve been dealing with this pandemic for nearly seven months,” she concluded, “it’s been long enough to notice hair growth changes and to see hair shedding.”

Even 52% of those who did not notice any hair loss still said quarantine was the worse their hair has ever looked.

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Further details illustrate how many took home measures to counteract feeling disheveled:

  • 69% of Americans turned to someone besides a professional to cut or style their hair in addition to the 38% that went so far as to cut their own hair. A smaller segment of those who responded have turned to their significant other (18%) and friends (12%).
  • 66% of men surveyed are significantly more likely than women to say their hair looked worse than ever during quarantine—but this might be their own doing, since 46% of men cut their own hair during quarantine, compared to just 39% for women. 
  • 29% of Americans colored their hair at home while 12 % of others risked it with at-home perms or straighteners or at-home extensions, weaves, or wigs.
  • 77% of those surveyed haven’t gone back to a salon, but 86% plan to. Of those who have gone ahead and risked venturing out, 26% of women were more likely to have already returned to the salon than men.

But really: Are Americans truly so eager to get pro haircare they prize it over sex? 

Well—to more than 2 in 5 Americans, going without a professional style or haircut for 6 months was indeed worse than going without sex for the same period of time.

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The majority of those who indicated not having a professional cut or style their hair for 6 months was worse than no bedroom time were women, but nearly 40 percent of the men did agree. 

Perhaps that proves some men just don’t get how satisfying a great haircut can be.

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