Couples Who Get Drunk Together Are Happier Together, Says Awesome New Study

Never mind Netflix and Chill–do date night at the bar from now on.


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We already told you that the secret to an amazing first date is to go to a bar and have a drink or two, because alcohol is a sacred elixir that makes any life scenario 100 times easier. Not really. But kinda.

“I love you already.”

But guess what – you should keep boozin’ with bae after the first date and on the second date, and the third, and when you’re engaged and after you’re married – because alcohol, my friends, is the glue that keeps couples together. Think I’m joking? Keep reading, and your entire life will make sense.

According to an incredible new study, couples who booze together, stay together. See, drinking really is the answer to all of our problems! Well, a few of them, at least.

The study, published in the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series, found that couples who drink together report being a lot happier with their partner and their relationship than those who sit idly by and sip on water or an iced tea or something while their partner boozes away. Who knew alcohol was the secret to a happy and satisfying relationship?

“Please, Barbara. It’s for the good of our marriage. Now drink up”

For the study, researchers surveyed 4,864 married people, with the average relationship being 33 years. Participants were asked how often they drink in a week, and how much they drink each time they pop a bottle. All very important questions.

Analysis of the data showed that the quantity the couples drank didn’t matter, nor did the number of times per week they imbibed. What really mattered was that if they were going to drink, they needed to do it together. Now that’s the secret to long-lasting marriage. Getting turnt together. Seriously, it should even be included in the wedding vows.

“Will you make me the happiest man alive and promise to get tanked with me always and forever?” SAY YES!

However, keep in mind that if you’re perfectly peachy staying sober with your boo, that’s cool too. As long as you do it together. But drinking together is a great experience, and we highly recommend it. Mainly because drinking is fun and it leads to hot sex. But that’s just our opinion.

Have fun, good luck, and stay thirsty, my friends.