Someone Changed the Iconic ‘Hollywood’ Sign to ‘Hollyweed’

That’s one way to celebrate legal marijuana.

For the second time in 41 years, someone has converted the legendary Hollywood sign into “Hollyweed.”

The first time enterprising pranksters pulled this joke was on January 1, 1976. At the time, the Associated Press reported that it was likely done to commemorate lenient marijuana possession laws that went into effect that year. 

The 1976 law simply reduced penalties on possessing an ounce or less of the green — the newest act of vandalism was likely intended to celebrate the fact that recreational marijuana is now legal in the Golden State

The bad news, reports TMZ, is that whoever went to the trouble to drape tarps and change the sign’s appearance could face arrest. Another big difference between 1976 and today: video surveillance is everywhere. 

Still, anyone who thought it was worth the hassle to make such a statement is probably prepared to deal with the consequences, a true ganja-loving hero. 

h/t TMZ