The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Is Here, And It’s Even Dumber Than Eating Tide Pods

Do NOT try this at home.

Hot Coil Challenge Promo
Still: Reddit/momosug

From the deep, dark bowels of Reddit comes a new “challenge” that’s exponentially dumber than chowing down on Tide Pods.

A real-life Beavis and Butt-Head have created the “Hot Coil Challenge” in their bid for 15 minutes of internet fame. Watch the moronic pair demonstrate above. 


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“See that hot fucking coil?” says a long-haired gentleman wearing a “Fuck You” t-shirt.

“Yeah,” the cameraman responds. “We’ve got to get your face, too. Your reaction will be priceless.” 

The daring idiot proceeds to transform the entire length of his forearm into a smoldering third-degree burn by pressing it directly onto a red-hot electric stove.  

“Holy fuck! That was pretty cool!” the cameraman proclaims, seemingly unconcerned about his half-brained buddy’s seared flesh. 

Redditors unanimously condemned Jackass-style stunt. Here are some select comments. 

“Well, that was fucking stupid.” 

“That shit’s getting infected, no doubt about it.”

“I’ll stick to my Tide pods. Thanks.” 

“No, this is fucking brilliant. We get the idiots to brand themselves for easy identification.” 

If the “Hot Coil Challenge” becomes the next viral trend, humanity is utterly screwed. 

h/t: Viral Thread