How This Entrepreneur Aims To Succeed During COVID-19 Crisis

L.A.-based entrepreneur Victor Garibay has some solid advice for business success during the pandemic.

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There’s no avoiding it—coronavirus is here to stay for a while. The pandemic has halted the way of life for much of the world and left millions wondering where to go from here. Victor Garibay’s view of success offers a positive outlook, in spite of the current climate.

Garibay, 30, is a true Renaissance man. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur offers the unique perspective of a successful businessman who wears many hats. From his humble beginnings as a YouTube investor, Victor has built an empire in multiple arenas, with an impressive resume that runs the gamut from producer to real estate investor.

With his diverse portfolio, Garibay has come to understand a thing or two about success. The most important thing, he believes, is that anyone can achieve it, even in uncertain times.

What Now?

COVID-19 has hit the economy hard, with businesses of all sorts now facing unprecedented challenges. Overcoming these new obstacles, while taxing, doesn’t have to be impossible. Good business practices like money management and mitigating risks are always essential to any crisis management plan. What makes this situation unique is the way it affects not just individual businesses and cities, but the global community as a whole. The complete unity of the pandemic presents an opportunity for individuals and businesses to stand apart by standing together.

We’re in This Together

To that end, Garibay has had the right idea all along. “We’re all interconnected in one way or another,” he says, “and if one succeeds, we all succeed. I firmly believe that.” The symbiotic relationship created by personal and professional victory calls for integrity in practice, now more than ever. Maintaining values will be the backbone that creates and defines success in the time of coronavirus.

Seize the Day

With new challenges come new opportunities, and chances to build creative solutions together. Garibay has found that much of the success in his career has come as a direct result of networking and seizing opportunities as they arise. 

“I can absolutely say there was nothing intentional about all the fields I ended up developing projects in,” Garibay says. “However, I grabbed every opportunity that came my way. As long as it made sense, because not every deal is a good deal. Sometimes the best deal is one that you didn’t do. It has been a learning process. And that’s true for us today, too.”

Adapt and Diversify

The road ahead is probably not what we envisioned. The outcome of our efforts will be defined by our ability to adapt to the new economic landscape and make creative decisions to see our professions thrive. That may look like a different way of doing the same business, or it may take on the form of an entirely different opportunity that comes from the ashes. Whatever the opportunity looks like, grab it. The hard work and willingness to adapt will be the saving grace in a post-COVID-19 landscape.

What’s Next?

Garibay’s plan to keep moving after COVID-19 is just as ambitious as ever. “I’m overseeing commercial construction projects and simultaneously strategizing on how to keep TV and movie projects strong to keep them moving forward once the pandemic is over,” he says. “However, on the horizon, I’m optimistic that everything will be picking up. I plan on taking a leap into more entertainment. That’s where I have the most fun.” Whatever the future looks like, success will be found for those willing to work hard and take the leap.