This Is Exactly How Long You Should Go on Vacation to Be More Productive at Work

A recent survey reveals that it’s probably longer than you think.

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When you’re feeling burnt out and in desperate need of a vacation, how much time should you take off of work in order to feel refreshed, revived, and ready to be productive again?

According to a survey from mattress review site The Sleep Judge, the magic number seems to be anywhere between 11 and 15 days.

The survey asked 1,007 people about their vacation habits and health, and their cumulative answers revealed that a vacation length of 11 to 15 days is the absolute perfect amount of time for workers to rest, relax, and feel more energized.

More specifically, 76 percent of participants said they felt more energized after that length of time away, 65 percent reported being more productive, and 56 percent felt more creative.

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Judging by the graph, it’s clear that everything but feeling rested consistently increases with time, so one might even say the longer the vacation, the better. But it’s not always possible to take more than two weeks off without getting fired.

Forty percent of millennials, however, said they felt more prepared to return to work after taking a shorter vacation instead of a lengthier one.

An important distinction to note is that 28 percent of people reported being more rejuvenated by all means and very ready to return to work after international travel compared to domestic travel or a staycation.

(Photo: The Sleep Judge)

The study also found around 33 percent of participants said vacations aren’t encouraged at their workplace, which is surprising and honestly pretty lame.

In fact earlier this year, the 11th annual Vacation Confidence Index by Allianz Global Assistance revealed that 51 percent of Americans haven’t vacationed at all in over one year, and 36 percent haven’t had a vacation in over two years. Yikes. No wonder so many of us are burnt out.

With that said, let’s all make it a New Year’s resolution to take some time off and go on a nice trip in 2020. Your mind and body will thank you for it.