Here’s Exactly How Much Sex You Should Have If You Want To Have A Baby

This might take a while…


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Many of us dream of becoming new parents. You know, having a sweet little baby that looks like you, that you can live vicariously through, and completely spoil with love and affection? Amazing.

But if you’re not ready to have a child, even the slightest thought of getting your girl pregnant is enough to freak you out, because honestly, having a child means transitioning out of your relatively carefree life into the poop-and-puke-fueled dad life.

However, if you’re ready to become a baby daddy, congratulations. Babies are cool.

Speaking of babies, did you know that you should have sex 78 times to get her pregnant? I didn’t know either, until I saw this interesting new study on sex and pregnancy by parenting website

According to the study, which surveyed 1,194 parents on their sex lives, the average couple has sex 78 times before becoming pregnant, which translates to a total of 185 days (or six months and three days) from deciding to reproduce, to conception. 

Fun fact: it only takes a few minutes and a sloppy condom for an unplanned baby to be conceived. But hey, you already knew that. 

Furthermore, the study found that the most popular baby-making position is missionary, which was used by 75 percent of couples. This also means that 75 percent of couples are boring.

Moving on, the second most popular sex position for aspiring parents, with 36 percent of the vote, was found to be doggy style, followed by “The Eagle,” which is when she’s on her back with her legs up over your shoulders, kind of like a missionary/sexy pretzel fusion.

But here’s the best part of deciding to have a baby – over half of couples said they had waaay more sex than usual once they decided to have a kid, with some couples banging it out 25 times a month. That’s almost daily! For long-term relationships, that’s basically unheard of.

However, while having tons of sex sounds like a dream come true, some people don’t exactly feel that way. Only 33 percent of women and just over half of men said they “loved” having more sex, while an unfortunate 18 percent said the extra sex felt like a chore and they didn’t like it. Shame.

And obviously, to keep the spark alive and fiery enough to have sex basically every day, some couples said they needed a little boost, with 13 percent of the women saying they invested in some sexy new lingerie to get daddy-to-be in the mood, while one in 16 booked a “baby-making vacation.”

Fun! Who knew trying to get pregnant could be used as an excuse to go on vacation?

Lastly, the founder of ChannelMum, Siobhan Freegard, offered some advice for all you aspiring parents: “While trying to conceive can be fun, it is also hard work, stressful and not every couple is lucky enough to get conceive, so while you’re focused on the baby, try to remember about each other too.”

You heard the woman! Keep it fun, keep it sexy.

H/T: New York Post