6 Ways To Keep Your Penis In Peak Condition And Have The Best Sex of Your Life

A top urologist breaks down his biggest rules for male sexual wellness.


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As men get older, there are certain changes that seem inevitable, especially having to do with our bodies. One of the amazing things about the advances in modern medicine is that our life expectancy is at the highest it has been in human history. And as our lives become longer, so does our appetite to enjoy ourselves with our partners. With intimacy being such an important part of every relationship, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to keep a man’s penis working well. 

Here are the six most important things I tell my patients to do if they want to have the best sex of their lives:

Check Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone peaks for men in their twenties, and then slowly declines over time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a man’s testosterone to drop by 75% over the remainder of his life. When testosterone is low, men often feel grumpy. Other signs include loss of muscle, fat gain, trouble sleeping, loss of libido and/or erectile dysfunction. 

By correcting testosterone deficiencies, a man can expect to enjoy many benefits normally associated with youth like an improvement in body composition, sleep quality and most notably, libido. Testosterone therapy also aids erectile function, meaning not only an increase in appetite but in performance, as well.

Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels

There are two different, but complementary systems to move blood around the body. One, the Nitric Oxide system, releases compounds that trigger the blood vessels to open, while the Phosphodiesterase (PDE) system helps to close them. Unfortunately, as a man ages his nitric oxide levels decline. You can boost nitric oxide levels easily over time by adding more watermelon, beets and greens to your diet, or if rapid improvement is desired, taking a supplement like AFFIRM.

Explore PDE-5 Inhibitors


Replenishing your body’s nitric oxide is not the only part of a successful strategy. The other system at work during an erection is the Phosphodiesterase (PDE) system. Through research, science has been able to determine which enzymes reduce penile blood flow. It turns out the compound in question is called PDE-5 and many medications for treating ED block its function. PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis inhibit these enzymes, channeling blood preferentially into the penis. The medication starts working after thirty minutes and reaches full potency in about an hour. Men can take these medications daily if they want to always feel “locked and loaded.”

Find a GAINSWave Provider

While taking a nitric oxide booster or a PDE-5 inhibitor can certainly produce some results, research has shown the best outcome is when they are taken together. However, there is a critical third element that is often overlooked: the pipes. Unlike medications, GAINSWave® targets the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, permanently growing new blood vessels to both increase the flow of blood to the penis while also improving erectile firmness. 

GAINSWave awakens dormant stem cells and triggers the release of growth factors which improve, repair and expand the blood vessels. And since GAINSWave is nonsurgical, painless and without side effects, intimacy is no longer tied to a schedule, returning spontaneity and vigor to any relationship. Therapy typically requires between six to twelve sessions, each around twenty minutes, spread out over the course of a few weeks. 

Although a little awkward at first, most patients quickly get used to any discomfort within the first few moments of the procedure. Improvement can begin immediately, but most men can expect peak performance to begin around four to six weeks post-treatment and last for a year or more depending on the health of the person.

For more, download my book with GAINSWave, How to Keep Your Package in Shape. 

To find a GAINSWave provider, check out the directory here. 

Get Pumped

Did you know young men typically experience three to six erections every night? These erections last between five to ten minutes and account for thirty to sixty minutes of oxygenated stretching for the penis. As men age, these erections decrease in frequency and intensity, causing many men’s penis to shrink over time. 

Some even lose erectile ability completely. Using a vacuum device or pump once or twice a day to stretch the penis can help combat this. The pump artificially inflates the penis with oxygenated blood to help restore full function and size. Like the other items on this list, vacuum devices can be effective on their own, but are much more effective when used in concert with GAINSWave therapy. Vacuum devices are a great way to improve penile health as men age.

Bone Up On The Facts

Have you ever wondered why your tissue is able to repair itself seamlessly whenever you cut yourself? This is due to more than a hundred tiny, versatile growth factors stored within the platelets in your blood. Whenever there is a trauma, your body releases chemicals that attract existing platelets to the site of the injury. The result is focused growth of new blood vessels and tissue in that area. 

In medicine, platelet-rich plasma is often used with other treatments to speed healing. For a man, undergoing GAINSWave therapy can yield far better results when used in conjunction with PRP. GAINSWave plants the seed by stimulating the stem cells in the affected area. PRP is then added like fertilizer, accelerating the growth of new blood vessels within the penis. Although it has been in use in orthopedics, hair growth and dermatology, PRP therapy is only now being studied for its efficacy at repairing and restoring erectile function.

There are many options for optimizing male sexual health. Most, when used together, can not only restore your ability to enjoy life, for a lot of men it means enhancing life beyond their wildest dreams. Penile health may not be the most comfortable subject to bring up with your doctor, but the only way to ensure a great tomorrow is by doing something about it today.

I recently hosted a two-hour long webinar with wellness expert Susan Bratton that took an in-depth dive into the all the treatments that are helping men optimize their bedroom performance. Luckily, we recorded it! It’s among the most educational breakdowns on all things “penis”- related available. Watch the video above to find out why.