This One Simple Trick Will Tell If Her Breasts Are Real Or Fake

All you need is your phone.


(Photo: Getty)

There are two things a lady never reveals: her age, and if her boobs are real or fake.

Should you ever come across a pair of twins so spectacular you don’t know if they’re natural or the brainchild of a plastic surgeon, there’s a very simple test you can do to check if they’re the real deal or not. Granted, you need to be on intimate terms with the boob-holder.

Just press your phone’s flashlight up against her boobs, and if they turn into high beams, they’re fake. Sorry.

In fake honkers, the light spreads through the boob differently, and the silicone or saline implants absorb and reflect the light, making them light up like a Christmas tree.

Now you know the trick of the century. Discreetly try it out next time you question the legitimacy of her breasts.