How To Vote In The Maxim Cover Girl Competition Before April 19 Deadline

Help decide who will win $25,000 and fly to Venice, Italy for an exclusive Maxim cover shoot.

Earrings: SYDNEY EVAN, Top: ASHISH, Vintage Lingerie Set: AGENT PROVOCATEUR (Gilles Bensimon)

Thousands of voters have already helped advance our quarterfinals contestants through five Maxim Cover Girl competition rounds, and there’s still plenty of time for others to get in on the action.

The process couldn’t be simpler—visit and click the “Start Voting” button. From there, register an email address with Orbiiit, our competition platform partner, and select the candidate who’s most deserving of the Maxim Cover Girl competition crown. Participants can cast as many votes as they’d like, but they’ll only receive one free vote per competition round. Public voting ends on April 19.

There’s a lot on the line for our contestants. The winner will grace the cover of Maxim magazine, receive a cash prize of $25,000, and fly to Venice, Italy for an exclusive Maxim Cover Girl photo shoot with Gilles Bensimon, Maxim’s world-renowned cover photographer.

But that’s just the grand prize. The nine runners-up in this year’s Maxim Cover Girl competition are guaranteed an appearance in a print issue of Maxim, as well as an exclusive invitation to a Maxim Photo Shoot Experience Day in New York.

How The Maxim Cover Girl Competition Works

Contestants are encouraged to collect as many votes as they can from friends, family and fans in order to advance through the competition.

The Final Judging Round

Upon reaching the final Judging Round, contestants’ entry profiles and social media channels will be reviewed. Competitors who make it to the final Judging Round will appear virtually before our panel of judges. Each judge will have a fixed number of votes to distribute to the finalists as they see fit. Our judges are:

Gilles Bensimon

World-Renowned Photographer

(Gilles Bensimon)

Gracie Hunt

Former Maxim Cover Model, Influencer & Entrepreneur

(Photography: Gilles Bensimon, Styling: Caroline Christiansson, Makeup: Leslie Lopez using Chanel/, Hair: Julien Farel for Farel Haircare New York, Production: Jessica Athanasiou)

Daniela Botero

Former Maxim Cover Model, Actress & Model

(Photography: Gilles Bensimon, Styling: Caroline Christiansson)

Elizabeth Nguyen

2019 Maxim Cover Girl Competition Winner, U.S. Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist

Elizabeth Nguyen Jan-Feb Cover
Gilles Bensimon

The contestant who collects the most votes from judges in the final Judging Round wins the Maxim Cover Girl competition. Nine additional runners-up will be featured in a print issue of Maxim.

Tap here to vote in the Maxim Cover Girl competition before public voting ends on April 19! Best of luck to all of our contestants!