Hurricane Matthew Looks Like a Sinister Skull In Eerie Satellite Image

Say hello to the most evil-looking storm ever.

Hurricane Matthew—the Category 4 storm barreling towards Florida and the Eastern Seaboard—has already unleashed devastation on Haiti and Cuba, and is expected to cause billions of dollars worth of damage. After all, peak-strength Matthew comes with 140 mph winds and it could drop up to a foot of rain in parts of the U.S. 

If all of that isn’t enough to scare you, how about the fact that the hurricane is shaped like a sinister-looking skull? Radar captured these alarming images on Tuesday, showing the storm formed into an extremely evil-looking skull that looks like it belongs on the wall of a tattoo parlor, not building strength over the Caribbean and targeting heavily populated areas.

To our readers in the likely-affected areas, take all necessary precautions. This storm is shaping up to be less of an Act of God and more like an Act of Satan. And it’s shaped accordingly.