Husband of Secret Porn Star ‘Kitty Kat West’ Charged With Murder

Was it jealousy?

Online porn model Kathleen West was found dead in the early morning on January 13, 2018. She lay half-naked in the street by her home in an upper middle class suburb in Calera, Alabama.

She was “Kitty Kat” on the internet, an exhibitionist who resembled Marilyn Monroe, and she made money from a private site displaying explicit pics. Her death was a stone cold mystery at first, but Thursday there was some resolution as police arrested West’s husband Jeff for her murder.

In a press conference, the Associated Press (AP) reported that Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley said Jeff West “was the suspect from the very beginning.” 

According to the AP, Lemley gave limited information in the presser. He wouldn’t say where Kat West died, or what led to the homicide. 

Jeff and Kat West
Jeff and Kat West

Lemley did explain why it took months to arrest Kat West’s husband:

Lemley said it took weeks to gather and analyze evidence. He said the arrest came just two days after his officers received their final report on the case from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. The FBI also assisted Calera police investigators with “cellphone technology,” he said, but did not elaborate.

Kitty Kat West’s death was part of a pattern of adult stars’ and models’ deaths that occurred throughout 2017. The causes were different. Some—like August Ames, for example—committed suicide, and others such as Olivia Lua succumbed to substance addiction or unknown causes.

Kat West

West was perhaps the only homicide. 

As for why West’s husband allegedly took her life, there’s nothing to do but to speculate at the moment. Maybe he knew about her online persona and grew jealous over time. Perhaps he’d only just discovered it. Or who knows? Maybe he’d forced her into it and grew angry when she wanted out. 

In the end, murder is murder, and courts say it doesn’t matter why, just whether the suspect actually did it or not. 

Jeff West will have his day in court soon.