This Video of a Guy Doing Crazy Motorcycle Stunts While Weaving Through Traffic Is Truly Bonkers

How the hell is he still alive?

Time To Find A New Hobby This One Getting To Easy Lol😴💤💤💤 #MiamiHittaz

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Even if this guy—who goes by Money_Ronn on Instagram—is a seriously talented motorcycle stunt rider, he is also clearly insane and fine with that. How else can you explain the incredibly calm look on his face at one point early in this video when he just crosses his arms and looks at the camera? 

And that’s only the beginning. The relatively brief video seems to go on much longer than its actual running time as you watch the rider zip through traffic, casually hopping into his seat, dancing a little, and generally having what looks like one hell of a good time. 

Turns out this is just one video of several on his Insta. Go ahead and watch a few more but be warned: if you clench up easily at watching dudes riding right up to the very edge of death like it’s just another trip down the road to grab some milk at the grocery, this will give you full-body muscle cramps.

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Apparently Money_Ronn and his crew, glimpsed in the videos, do their thing on the streets of Miami. So if you live there and you see them humming along, just ease back and watch them go.

Seems the safest thing to do.