Instagram Hottie Absolutely Roasts NFL Star LeVeon Bell After He Slides Into Her DMs

Can't blame a guy for trying.
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Karen Vi and LeVeon Bell

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and pro athletes will try to slide into the DMs of hot chicks and end up trashed for their efforts. That's how it seems, anyway. The latest millionaire sports superstar to fall victim to his horndog tendencies is Pittsburgh Steelers RB LeVeon Bell.

Bell hit up an Instagram stunner named Karen Vi. We're not sure what he expected, but what he got was rejected with an exclamation point.

Karen Vi

She posted the screengrab above then snapped a series of messages in response, writing, "I will never understand why dudes or athletes, especially those with [girlfriends] even TRY. Truly makes me sick."

"Didn't he just have a baby with a beautiful girl?!" she continued, "Bye Felipe."


While there may be some satisfaction in knowing an NFL star can be as roundly rejected as any other guy, we can at least say we totally see why Bell felt compelled to at least give it a shot. Check out shots from Karen Vi's Insta below—but do better than LeVeon Bell and just stay the hell out of her direct messages.