This Influencer Makes $100,000 A Year By Sharing Pics Of Her Incredibly Long Tongue

You can’t learn this in college.

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(Photo: Instragram/KKVSH)

(Photo: Instragram/KKVSH)

A 21-year old influencer named Mikayla Saravia is making bank by sharing photos of her shockingly long tongue.

Saravia, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, reportedly rakes in nearly $100,000 a year and has an Instagram following of more than 2 million. LAD Bible reports that Saravia earns up to $3,000 per Instagram post, which usually feature her six-and-a-half inch tongue on full display.

She told LAD Bible that she discovered her tongue was different than the average one “at a young age, I think the 6th grade. I think outside the box and try to be different.”

The genetically-blessed(?) influencer has even turned her now-trademarked tongue into a burgeoning brand and launched an app called KKVSH, sells apparel, erotic toys, and phone chargers. She also beefs up her income with Instagram ads..

You gotta appreciate her hustle, though. People love watching interesting videos on Instagram, and those who successfully gain a following on the platform by any means — in this case licking things and twerking — end up making enough money to live very comfortably. 

“I’m proud of my accomplishments, being so young and owning my own company,” Saravia says.