The Internet Is Freaking The Hell Out Over This Creepy Viral Photo

When you see it…

creepy photo

It takes you a moment. At first you think you’re looking at just another selfie of a couple. Every day, people are posting millions of these online. Then you see it. Just over the girl’s right shoulder, in the mirror—the back of the guy’s head, just like normal—and the girl’s evilly grinning twin. 

As the Daily Mail determined upon probing this photo by Twitter user Andy Fuentes, there is an obvious explanation, and it’s right there in the text of Fuentes’s tweet.

It suddenly seems obvious—using Photoshop or some other image manipulation program, Fuentes decided to make a joke based on his girlfriend’s sign, Gemini—the twins. Everybody have a good laugh and pat the guy on the back, right? Nope. Twitter users weren’t having it.

Seriously though, nothing to be scared of here. But as the Mail noted, we still don’t know what was going on almost exactly a year ago when an Twitter user with the handle @itsthemans posted this selfie, which gets more chilling the longer you look at it.

It’d be easy to ask Mansour, the guy who took the pic, of course. But—his account no longer exists. That’s not creepy at all, right?