Internet Roasts Weatherman For Faking Battle With High Wind During Hurricane Florence

“This is about as nasty as it’s been.”

The video above was recorded during a live shot on the Weather Channel. The network’s longtime reporter Mike Seidel was on the scene as Hurricane Florence moved on land near Wilmington, North Carolina, and Seidel was bearing the brunt of the wind.

At least it seemed that way until a couple of dudes in hoodies went strolling by in the background.

Satellite view, Hurricane Florence

The juxtaposition was funny enough to be straight out of sketch comedy, but unfortunately for Seidel, it made the whole thing look like an act. One he compounded with dramatic lines like “This is about as nasty as it’s been.”

Also unfortunately for Seidel, this video went viral in nothing flat. To say that he was mercilessly roasted might be too gentle.

Some even took an inexplicably political view of the video, treating it as if it proved some larger point.

The Weather Channel defended Seidel, who to his credit has been a reliable and perhaps even beloved fixture of severe storm coverage through the years. 

Through a spokesman, the network said “It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete, and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass, after reporting on-air until 1 a.m. this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted.”

Some felt this explanation made things worse.

It was admittedly hard to buy what they were selling, but the Weather Channel and Seidel definitely had defenders.

Hurricane Florence lost strength before coming ashore but multiple media reports indicate it has still been a storm for the ages, causing catastrophic flooding and killing at least 12 as of Sunday.

One weather guy possibly faking a single shot is really nothing to remember beside such a deadly event. Still, reporters have pulled moves like this in the past. 

Mike Seidel will come out of this just fine and the internet needs something to do with its tweets. It’ll take North Carolina much longer to recover from this disaster.