Introducing The Maxim Creator Network

The Maxim Creator Network is the ultimate in-house tool for brands wanting to engage with creators and run successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Maxim Creator Network

Maxim is partnering with Fourstarzz Media—experts in influencer marketing and brand-creator content campaigns—to form the all-new Maxim Creator Network. This marks the first time a luxury lifestyle media brand has joined forces with influencer marketing industry experts to merge both worlds.


With the meteoric rise of content creators, brands have never been more inclined to shift their sales and marketing strategies to social media. In a time when brands are seeking to create authentic, branded content at scale to reach customers online, influencer marketing has proven to be a powerful marketing and customer acquisition strategy. 

Brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022, yet small and medium-sized brands often struggle to find and engage with the right influencers to run effective campaigns that maximize ROI.

Maxim has worked with brands and talent for decades and understands what moves audiences. Through the Maxim Creator Network, we’re joining the movement by building an entire ecosystem of brands, creators, services, software, media, and influencer marketing experts who will thrive together to overcome advertising fatigue and dominate in the digital sphere.

“Influencer marketing is about relationships and the way people and brands communicate with and inspire one another,” said Dennis Doerfl, Fourstarzz Media CEO, “It’s time now for a lifestyle brand to take the lead and we believe Maxim is best positioned to do so.”

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“We work with influencers regularly and over the years have created a number of successful influencer programs for partners,” states Susan Kilkenny, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Maxim. “By joining forces with Fourstarzz we are able to not only accelerate our influencer capabilities but do it in really exciting new creative ways that benefit creators and businesses small and large across the spectrum.” 

Here’s how it works: Through self-serve software, brands can easily research over 350,000 creators across many different social media platforms with diverse interests, audiences, within specific geographies, and much more. An intuitive, easy-to-use management tool guides marketers through the query process.

Via the Maxim Creator Network’s digital influencer experts, brands can execute professionally managed, omnichannel campaigns with in-depth analytics, reporting, content amplification, and much more. 

Additionally, marketers can find and work with Maxim Creators—a special group of vetted, opt-in, multi-channel creatives eager to work with brands toward building authentic, powerful digital marketing campaigns. The Maxim Creator Network helps ease the search to ensure brands can find influencers who have an affinity for their products or services. 


This is just the beginning. One of many planned feature launches includes interactive workshops for brands and creators conducted by media, branding, and influencer marketing professionals centered around mastering and directing their digital reach. 

The Maxim Creator Network will function as a discovery engine (regardless of whether brands or are new or experienced) for tapping into the ever-expanding power of social influence from big-name creators to nano and micro creators, celebrities, and athletes.


Stay up-to-date on The Maxim Creator Network as we fully expand into an influencer marketing hub—a resource for technology, creators, influencer marketing experts, and established media channels—with which brands can reach ever-larger audiences ready to hear their stories.

Learn more about the Maxim Creator Network here.