Iraqi Soldiers Watched ‘American Sniper’ and Played ‘Call of Duty’ Before Attacking ISIS

That’s one way to get psyched for battle.

Bradley Cooper American Sniper [YouTube]

If you’ve ever gotten a little pumped-up watching action-packed war movies or playing your favorite shoot ’em up video games, you’re not alone. 

According to The Daily Caller, Iraqi forces psyched themselves up for the invasion of Mosul by enjoying some All-American, war-themed entertainment. 

Via The Daily Caller, 

The Najaf Battalion of the Iraqi Security Forces’ (ISF) Golden Division spent five months training and preparing to retake Mosul from ISIS. During that time, the unit watched America-made action movies like “American Sniper” and “The Expendables” to keep their energy up. Iraqi Lt. Col. Ali Hussein Fadil, their commander, has a personal favorite: “Black Hawk Down.”

The LA Times also reported that in addition to those the action flicks, they also played the immensely popular first-person shooter Call of Duty.

The Najaf Batallion doesn’t just love our entertainment. They’re also armed to the teeth with American weapons and gear.

In addition to their humvees, the men are outfitted with gear from Southern California-based company 5.11 tactical. They also carry the iconic M-4 carbine rifle, an M-16 variant common in U.S. military ranks.

“Our supplies, training and equipment are American,” Fadil told the Los Angeles Times, “but I’m an Iraqi soldier.”

As the fighting rages into its third week, serious progress has been made in liberating Mosul from ISIS control. But the end isn’t quite in sight, as it could take weeks for friendly forces to gain control of the city. 

If they succeed, then it might be the first time violent war movies and games have actually contributed to winning the battles they depict. Good luck, guys. 


Brandon Friederich