ISIS 'Wiped Out' As Syrians Reclaim Cities From Terrorist Control

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Isis fighter flag Getty

Isis fighter with flag. (Photo: Getty Images)

Syria's army has been in overdrive recently in their effort to wrestle territory back from the Islamic State. They took the historic city of Palmyra back from ISIS at the end of March, discovering horrific evidence of atrocities committed there by the jihadists, including a mass grave. Sunday, the Syrian army reportedly took control of Al-Qaryatain, a town which at one time was home to many Christian Syrians. The Independent quoted Syria's state TV report, which said Al-Qaryatain was once again a secure and stable place "after wiping out the last remaining Daesh terrorists."

According to the Independent report, Al-Qaryatain is a major get for the Syrians and their Russian air support. In securing this historic town, Syria can establish a supply base to support eventual assaults deep in ISIS-held territory, up to and including Raqqa, which functions as ISIS's main headquarters. 

ISIS is definitely on the run, and has been going to pieces for a while. But they've proven an ability to inspire far-flung attacks merely through their online influence of lone actors. Even once they're swept out of Syria, there may be years of terror to come. 

h/t The Independent

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