Jerry Seinfeld Rejecting Kesha’s Attempt To Hug Him 3 Times Is The Most Awkward Thing Ever


In a red carpet encounter that Kesha won’t soon forget, the “Tick Tock” singer provided a helpful lesson for every other comedy-loving celebrity who might one day cross paths with Jerry Seinfeld: Don’t try to hug him.

If you do, you might end up getting shot down in flames and subjected to ridicule on the internet. Kesha now knows that.

Poor girl goes in for the hug, not once, not twice, but three times. And each time Seinfeld backs further and further away while making the same face a three-year-old makes when you try to feed him eggplant.

If the video had ended after the failed hug, it would be bad enough. But then Seinfeld twists the knife.

“I don’t know who that was,” he says. 

“That was Kesha,” the dude interviewing him says. 

“Well, I wish her the best,” Seinfeld replies, clearly still having no idea who that was. 

If Kesha was as big a Seinfeld fan as she seems to think she is, she might have known that he isn’t much for hugging. At least, he wasn’t back when he was making his hit sitcom. 

“No hugging, no learning,” was the principle that guided him and Larry David while making the show. It wasn’t so much a rejection of the physical hug, as a reminder that they weren’t making a show where conflicts were resolved with a big hug and a lesson learned. 

If Kesha didn’t know that before, she does now. And next time she runs into Seinfeld, she might want to go in for the hand shake instead. Of course, she’ll want to make sure she’s got that right, too.