Take the Edge Off Your Morning With Jim Beam Bourbon Coffee

Whiskey for breakfast is always a good idea.


Who hasn’t woken up on a random morning and really thirsted for a little Kentucky whiskey? Okay, maybe not too many people because that seems like an unwise way to start the day. Still, if you really enjoy barrel-aged southern goodness that much but are averse to shots at 8 a.m., Jim Beam has come to the rescue. 

In cooperation with the veteran roasters at White Coffee, Beam created Jim Beam Bourbon Coffee, hallelujah. It’s just what it sounds like: a delicious “100% Arabica coffee” that’s been infused with the unique brand of whiskey that’s often been called “America’s Native Spirit.”  

Jim Beam Bourbon flavored java
White Coffee

This line of go-juice doesn’t stop with the classic bourbon flavor. According to the White Coffee product page, they’ve pulled out the stops with “Bourbon Vanilla, Signature Dark Roast, Cinnamon Stick and Spiced Honey.”

And no, you will not get lit from this, unless your idea of lit is being thoroughly revved-up on caffeine. Infusing is about flavor, not alcohol content. 

It seems America’s booze-makers are getting wise to what the public wants, because earlier this year, Jack Daniels began selling Tennessee Whiskey Coffee, giving consumers the opportunity to have a coffee collection that mirrors their liquor cabinets. 

Bourbon Vanilla flavored coffee
White Coffee

Pretty brilliant move from both companies—you can pick your regional favorite to wake up with and also have some hair of the dog without actually tossing back a shot of the real stuff before breakfast. 

Also, and perhaps this is the most important thing: Bourbon and whiskey-infused coffee seem like the perfect answer to a bourbon or whiskey-inspired hangover.