Watch This Sandwich Shop Cashier’s Extremely Chill Reaction to Being Robbed At Gunpoint

You want fries with that?

Now this is what we call courage under fire.

Check out this video of a cashier at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Kansas City on Wednesday being super chill while a totally heated robber holds a gun to his head and demands he hand over cash. 

Apparently this numbskull armed bandit, who is seen pointing his gun at other employees as well, didn’t notice the security cameras in the shop, and unsurprisingly, he’s already been arrested after the video went viral. 

Watch the clip above, and peep the technique of the cashier giving the robber all the bills as well as the empty register drawer before the guy makes a break for it.

Never underestimate the dead-eyed calm of someone who takes sandwich orders all day.


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