Canada Just Legalized Weed, And Stoners Everywhere Are Freaking Out

Oh, Cannabis…

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In the photo below you’ll see chef Mary Jean Dunsdon, aka Watermelon. She’s basically Canada’s Martha Stewart of weed. Her government just sent a lot of business her way.

Marijuana chef Mary Jean Dunsdon of Vancouver, Canada

Yes, while only nine of America’s 50 states have seen the light, the entire nation of Canada has legalized recreational cannabis. It joins Uruguay in the tiny but economically powerful coalition of stoner destinations (we made up that coalition part, but it makes sense).

A lot of Canadians, famous and not, are pretty happy about this. So are plenty of Americans. Well, Americans are happy and jealous. 

The Canadian senate didn’t even have that much trouble approving Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, on June 19—the vote was 52-29. We’re just disappointed it wasn’t Bill 4-20. 

Of course, if you look at it from Canada’s point of view, this only makes sense. Taxing legal cannabis could pump billions into the nation’s economy in the next five-six years.

As the country’s surfer-dudeish Prime Minister noted, there were other decent reasons for making the move. Justin Trudeau compressed those reasons into one succinct tweet.

This was a generally positive development for a ton of people, like Canadian-born actor Seth Rogen. His famous and stable, long-term relationship with marijuana prompted congrats from all quarters, including from Workaholics star Anders Holm.

Others were just happy they could potentially once more cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Then there were considerations we didn’t even think of.

There were some other worthwhile observations as well.

Here in America we’re just hoping for another sighting of the Pot Sasquatch.