This Footage of a Leopard Wreaking Havoc In a School Is Absolutely Terrifying

The part where he scales a fence is horrifying in so many ways.

A male leopard entered a school in the city of Bangalore, India and injured six people during a 10-hour long effort to corral the animal, the BBC reports.

Footage on the school’s security cameras shows the leopard prowling the halls of the school before attacking wildlife officials near a swimming pool as bystanders scream in terror and flee. The video also shows the animal sinking its claws into a man’s leg as he tried to flee over a fence.

The Guardian reports that the animal was eventually tranquilized and taken to the city’s Bannerghatta zoo before being released into the forest.

Anyway, the video of this leopard attack just about the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. I mean Jesus, just look at the this thing scale a fence at 0:10 like it’s no big deal.

This is what nightmares look like. You’re welcome.