No One Has Seen the Loch Ness Monster In Months and Scotland Is Freaking Out About It

Maybe it just took a break?


Loch Ness monster statue
Reconstruction of the monster at the Museum of Nessie

Like Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa, and that dog your parents insisted was totally sent to a “nice farm family upstate,” the Loch Ness Monster has vanished. 

It’s hard to believe, after all its stint on Dancing With the Stars and that truly weird sex tape (JK), but Nessie, reports BGR, has been a total no-show at his chilly lake home for eight months. 

True believers used to fairly regular tales of the mysterious creature reportedly say new sightings dwindled to nothing in August, 2016. That’s unusual, according to BGR:

Historically speaking, the number of people who claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster is extremely high. Beginning in the 1930s, individuals claiming they’ve spotted the beast — which is almost always described as having a huge rounded body and extremely long neck, like that of a prehistoric Plesiosaur— have come forward with shocking regularity.

Sure, there’s been a few debunked hoaxes in the mix, but many of the stories and even some of the visual evidence brought forward remains unexplained.  

The guy who has burdened himself with keeping an the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Registry, Gary Campbell, told a Scottish newspaper that it’s worrisome “that there has been an eight-month gap since the last sighting.”

He also said it’s “especially” worrying “when you consider that pretty much everyone will have access to a camera phone to take video and pictures – we would have expected at least something in that time period.”

What’s especially weird, reported BGR, is the beginning of 2016 saw a huge uptick in monster sightings, more than at any time since the turn of the Millennia. 

If Nessie was ever a real Plesiosaur (the common theory has been the monster is part of a pod of those dinosaurs that survived past extinctions) did it finally just die?

Did the creature get sick of all the iPhone shutter clicks from shore and decide to get the hell out of dodge and leave Scotland to the ghosts of kilted warriors and wizards? 

The answer is in the dark depths of Loch Ness, and Scotland’s tourism industry might send down some divers or a submarine to find it soon. 

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