Now That London Is Getting a Fellatio Cafe, It’s a Full-Blown Trend

One cappuccino with extra head, please.


Remember that Swiss fellatio cafe that was set to open in Geneva? Well, the guy behind it is now hearing London calling.

Entrepreneur Bradley Charvet recently spoke with The Independent about opening the controversial BJ cafe in Blighty, which will likely be right by the hotel and transit hub of Paddington.

According to the paper, the cafe will be Baroque-themed, and serve up coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and blow jobs for £50 a pop (that’s about $55 U.S. dollars, in case you’re interested). 

You’ll be able to select your escort from an iPad at your seat, and there will be two booths available for the shy guys out there.

Is this all legal? Kinda. Prostitution is legal in the U.K., but running a brothel isn’t. But relax, Charvet says, “everything related to [the Fellatio Café] is legal” and his lawyer is all over it.

The Geneva location is set to open December 5. There’s no date set for the London cafe’s arrival, but if you find yourself across the pond, it certainly sounds more fun than staring at Buckingham Palace.