Make Your Penis Stronger, Harder and Healthier: Proven Tech in New Self-Treatment System

The Phoenix and The Phoenix Pro are scientifically proven to upgrade your erections by using groundbreaking Acoustic Wave Therapy at home.

The Phoenix

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Men don’t want to let their partners down. When performance problems strike below the belt, guys are understandably anxious and sometimes embarrassed. It’s a blow to their manhood. Even worse, guys have been told by Big Pharma that they are suffering from a dysfunction, when it’s more than likely a completely reversible, natural result of aging.

The research is clear: Most men can overcome performance issues below the belt by increasing blood flow. Improved blood flow leads to better, harder, longer-lasting erections. However, most guys were only aware of three bad options to address challenges associated with ED: pills, injections or surgery.

Getting a prescription, refilling prescriptions and remembering to take a pill in time to have sex is a hassle, and there are dangerous potential side-effects. Considering non-prescription alternatives? Enter a dubious world of over-the-the-counter gas station pills, special loose underpants or “spiritual cleansing”. No thanks.

It’s critical to understand that pills like Viagra and Cialis temporarily flood the penis with blood by dilating blood vessels – allowing blood to travel around the plaque that’s built up in the vessels. 

It’s just a Band-Aid, and the problem – plaque in healthy vessels, along with collapsed or failed vessels in the surrounding area – remains after the harsh chemicals wear off.

Literally, billions of dollars have been spent on commercials for the little blue pill and targeted funding for the doctors that prescribe them. Other old school interventions aren’t much better – who wants to stick themselves with a needle in one of the most sensitive areas of their body, or be cut open and deal with the downtime after surgery?

The Phoenix

Thankfully, now men have an affordable, better option that actually fixes the leading cause of ED: Acoustic Wave Therapy at home (no prescription needed).

The treatment isn’t new. In fact, it’s been used successfully in expensive clinics for decades, where men spend thousands of dollars. Dozens of clinical studies and thousands of men who are now getting it up without pills, injections or surgery prove that this technology works.

So why haven’t more guys heard of it? Doctors hate recommending treatments that may not be affordable – and Big Pharma is spending billions to convince guys to continually spend on pills, instead of fixing the problem.

Also, many men live far away from the clinics that offer acoustic wave therapy, and taking time off work to travel for a series of treatments is both expensive and time-consuming. But there’s good news!

Men, for the first time, have access to technology that allows for safe self-treatment – with zero experience – from the comfort and convenience of home. This disruptive technology requires zero downtime and has NO side effects.

New FDA registered, Class 1 medical devices (The Phoenix and The Phoenix Pro) are capable of delivering full-strength clinical acoustic wave treatments for significantly less than the cost of in-clinic acoustic wave therapy. Patented smart guidance technology makes self-treatment easy, safe and effective.

So, guys can finally afford it, but how does acoustic wave therapy work?

A Google search can be confusing. You’ll find many different terms and glorified massagers being marketed as therapeutic devices. Here’s the information you need to avoid getting scammed:

The treatment itself is sometimes referred to as “shock wave therapy” or “low-intensity shock wave therapy (LiSWT),” as well as “ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy).”

The Phoenix

Legitimate clinical treatment or home-use devices like The Phoenix and The Phoenix Pro solve a very real problem. As we age, plaque collects in healthy blood vessels, while other vessels collapse or fail. For guys, this eventually becomes a problem that impacts their ability to get strong, spontaneous erections.

To fix this, clinicians (and now guys everywhere) can deliver targeted shock waves (powerful sound waves) to the treatment area. It’s non-invasive and pain-free, requiring zero downtime, while eliminating the nasty side effects that come with Big Pharma’s chemicals.

Each treatment takes about 17 minutes, performed two to three times a week.

Treatments are broken up into phases – 30 days of treatment, followed by up to 60 days off. This isn’t an overnight fix. Many guys notice improvement after the first cycle of treatments, and continue seeing improvement over several months after blood vessels are cleared of plaque, and new, healthier blood vessels grow within the treatment area.

The Phoenix platform is revolutionary because, as its metal tip travels along the skin of the shaft, both radial and focused shock waves (sound waves) are delivered to the treatment area.

Focused shock waves travel deep into the tissue – creating painless microtrauma that triggers the body’s natural ability (called angiogenesis) to repair and grow healthy tissue and blood vessels.

The Phoenix

Radial shockwaves travel through healthy blood vessels, breaking apart the plaque that constricts the blood flow needed for healthy erections.

Oxygen rich blood needs to be pulled into the tissue to support healthy recovery and growth between treatments. For this reason, a medical-grade vacuum pump comes with The Phoenix and should be used twice a day for about ten minutes during treatment cycles.

Once a guy successfully turns back the clock and starts performing at their best, they can stop treating. If plaque causes an issue in the future, or blood vessels begin to fail, simply perform additional treatments as-need (usually every 6-12 months).

This is an absolute game changer. Every guy has some degree of plaque in their blood vessels, along with vessels that are becoming weaker. It’s only a matter of time until it becomes an issue.

40% of guys notice problems before their 40th birthday. The stats only get worse as men age. Thankfully, now guys have legit medical devices they can add to their toolbox to help restore and maintain maximum performance in bed.

While Acoustic Wave Therapy is an important piece of the ED puzzle, it’s important to work closely with a physician to treat the entire picture – ensuring nothing holds men back from peak performance.

Choosing between The Phoenix or The Phoenix Pro

While they’re based on the same patented technology, they are configured differently to address the needs of different users.

The Phoenix is designed specifically for men looking to self-treat in the privacy of their own home, and may be purchased online without a prescription. It has sophisticated guidance and safety features built-in, which enable someone with little to no medical training to self-treat safely and effectively on their own terms. Safety features include a 36 hour lockout to prevent inadvertent over-treatment.

The Phoenix Pro emits more pulses per treatment and has no lockout, because it is intended to be used under medical guidance and supervision. It supports a wider range of medically supervised treatment protocols and may only be purchased through a medical professional. It is always recommended that a man experiencing erectile dysfunction speak to a medical professional to ensure that any other potential medical complications are addressed. 

Purchase The Phoenix

The Phoenix
  • Delivered to your door without a
  • 36 hour lockout to prevent over
    treatment and support recovery
    between treatments
  • Operates indefinitely, but replacement recommended after 70 treatments for optimal performance
  • 15k pulses delivered per treatment
  • Kit includes The Phoenix,
    medical-grade pump and samples of Heat Shield lubricant and 4%
    Lidocaine numbing cream

Purchase The Phoenix Pro

The Phoenix
  • Purchased from a certified physician in your area
  • No lockout, accommodates medically-supervised treatment
  • Delivers 50 premium medical-grade treatments which ensures consistent therapeutic-grade acoustic waves
  • 20k pulses delivered per treatment
  • Kit includes The Phoenix Pro,
    medical-grade pump and samples of Heat Shield lubricant and 4%
    Lidocaine numbing cream

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Find a certified Phoenix Pro physician in your area, or purchase The Phoenix online for discreet delivery to your door.