Watch This Guy Try To Break Up Fights With Pepsi Just Like Kendall Jenner and Fail Miserably

It's hilarious and depressing all at the same time.
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Everyone knows Pepsi's widely-ridiculed commercial staring Kendall Jenner didn't work out well for the soda giant, namely because they pulled it right after it aired and even Saturday Night Live roasted it. 

But one hopeful good Samaritan wasn't ready to give up on Pepsi's Utopian pipe dream. 

Pepsi Fight Promo

YouTuber Vito Gesualdi injected himself into the violent Berkeley protests that occurred between the overly excitable demonstrators of the alt-right and far-left on April 15 to see if it was possible to bring diametrically opposed people together with blue cans of soda. 

Shortly after gaining entry to the site, a slugfest between two dudes broke out in Gesualdi's vicinity. He quickly rushed over with the sugary ailment in an attempt ease the brawlers' nerves and stop the violence. It didn't work. 

Then there was a small explosion. A can of Pepsi didn't stop that, either. 

One masked man appeared to be interested in the fizzy refreshment, until he hurled it into the opposition. 

Gesualdi was able to give out a few cans, one of which went to a violent agitator. 

You can watch the whole 12-minute video below, because it's definitely more fun than actually being there in the middle of a campus riot: 

But yeah, it's official, people: Pepsi doesn't stop protests.

h/t: Barstool Sports