This Terrifying Map Shows What a Nuclear Bomb Would Do If It Exploded Over Your City

Go on, type in your hometown.

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The chilling video below shows the Castle Bravo Nuclear Test, which took place on the Bikini Atoll in March 1954. If you’re of a certain age, the sight of a mushroom cloud triggers some long-held Cold War anxiety.

OK, this is actually pretty terrifying to anyone. Especially if you imagine what such a bomb might do to your city. To your home. To your pet rock collection. (Actually, that would probably be OK.)

The activist scientists behind imagined, and they set up a simulator that helpfully lets you know.


As BGR reports, Outrider’s map tool lets you put in your home location or pretty much any other city, then request a demonstration of just how much destruction a nuclear weapon might exact on you and your neighbors. It shows the radius of the initial fireball eruption, the shock wave, the radiation.

Even more fun, the tool will map a number of different bombs for you. BGR reports they range from bombs the size of the pair that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki all the way up to the mind-blowingly huge Russian Tsar Bomba—an unimaginably huge Russian bomb.

If you just feel like imitating every disaster movie ever, the map defaults to New York City.

While the map gives death totals depending upon location and population, we’ll save you some time. 

Everyone dies.

h/t BGR