A Pot Dispensary Wants to Buy the Naming Rights for Denver Broncos Stadium

Mile High, indeed.


(Photo: Native Roots)

Sports Authority, which pays a bunch of money for the right to slap its name on the Denver Broncos’ stadium, filed for bankruptcy last month, leading a handful of other companies to declare interest in purchasing the rights themselves. One of those companies sells weed.

Native Roots is a legal pot dispensary with locations all around Colorado and last Friday it announced its intentions to snatch up the $6 million naming rights. Or at least try. Even with the bankruptcy, Sports Authority still owns the rights, but there’s growing speculation that it won’t be able to make its next payment. 

“We may breathe green but we bleed orange,” said Josh Ginsberg, CEO of Native Roots. “Just like John Denver so memorably sang in ‘Rocky Mountain High,’ it only makes sense that the company which gains the new naming rights of Mile High be reflective of Colorado.”

So, could Native Roots Stadium at Mile High be very far away? 

Yeah, it could. There’s little chance an NFL team would go into business with a weed dispensary, even in a state where marijuana is legal. Remember, this is a league that treats smoking pot as a more severe crime than domestic violence.

 Still, it’s reasonable to think that a team will one day take a weed company’s name, especially as the pot industry corporatizes. After all, several alcohol companies own stadium naming rights and that shit’ll kill you way quicker than weed