Marilyn Manson Badly Injured After Being Crushed Mid-Concert By Giant Pair of Guns

This wasn’t part of the show.

Marilyn Manson‘s concert inside New York City’s Hammerstein Ball Room ended abruptly Saturday night when the singer was injured by a falling prop.

Rolling Stone reports the accident occurred late in the show, after Manson had moved to downstage in front of a giant pair of pistols while singing his cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These).” 

News of the mishap made it onto social media long before the first reports were published.

One of Manson’s reps told Rolling Stone he “suffered an injury towards the end of his incredible NYC show. He is being treated at a local hospital.” 

As RS noted, this has been a seriously unlucky tour for the singer. Loudwire reported Manson was injured during a show in Pittsburgh on September 29. He left the stage to get closer to the audience then when he returned it was clear something was wrong. 

Video of that incident is below.

“I just broke my ankle,” Manson says in the video, “but it’s okay because Alice Glass is going to fill in for me. Come on, you can do it. I told you I’d break my ankle because the tour manager is a fascist.”

Variety reports Manson will be okay, but given his comments about his tour manager, there may be much more of the story to come.