Mark Zuckerberg Made $3 Billion From His ‘Booster Seat’ During Congressional Hearings

And a thousand memes were born.

Mark Zuckerberg Booster Seat
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Mark Zuckerberg made an absurd amount of money while getting grilled by Congress for ten hours.

The Facebook CEO fielded nearly 600 questions regarding his company’s most controversial issues in hearings held in the Senate and the House this week. 

During that time, both Zuckerberg’s net worth and the company’s stock increased dramatically. 

Per CNN Money

All told, Facebook’s stock has gained about 4.5% since the start of trading Tuesday morning.

So Zuckerberg, who owns more than 401.4 million shares in Facebook, got nearly $3 billion richer in the past few days. His stake in the company is now worth around $66 billion.

The company’s total market value has increased by nearly $23 billion since Tuesday morning.  

It only makes sense that the inventor of the most influential social media platform ever would generate a viral meme. Unfortunately for Zuck, the internet has fixated on the “booster seat” the vertically challenged tech mogul sat on during his Capitol Hill appearance.

Another widely circulated image mocked at Zuckerberg’s robotic demeanor by depicting him as Data, the dorky android from Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Lt. Commander Zuck in court after his plan to study humans in greater detail backfires from r/pics

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Here are a few more honorable mentions: 

Don’t feel too bad for him—being the “butt” of the internet is definitely worth $3 billion.