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Maxim Responds to NY Post Article


Keith J. Kelly of the NY Post is dishonest. He has knowingly published false reports over the years regarding Maxim. The most recent article is another example of poor journalism. We know that the NY Post is a tabloid. True, the NY Post publishes interesting and entertaining articles. But sometimes the NY Post allows writers such as Mr. Kelly to knowingly publish false stories. 

Worse, even after learning that the accusations are false, Mr. Kelly does not issue corrections or remove such false stories from its site. In short, he is dishonest and dishonorable. Only a fool is more concerned about getting attention than getting the story right. Maxim does not see Mr. Kelly as a success and deep down he probably does not think he is a success either.

Regarding the Maxim Cover Girl competition:

We are proud of the Maxim Cover Girl competition and the process by which we discover the next cover girl. Because of the intersection between democracy and capitalism, we raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for those who served our country and were wounded as a result of their heroic actions. We thank all the models who participated in the competition. We doubt Mr. Kelly appreciates the money raised for Wounded Warriors. Would it be better if no charity were included? 

Perhaps Mr. Kelly should give a percentage of his earnings to the same charity; we would match him dollar for dollar. We are proud to be a capitalist corporation; yes, we seek to generate a profit. He writes about magazine companies quite frequently. Perhaps he does not realize Maxim is not in the magazine business per se. Maxim is a brand that has been successfully repositioned in the luxury lifestyle space. To boot, Maxim is now a profit maker. Now that would be a story worth covering.