You Can Now Track McDonald’s Mythical McRib With an iPhone App

Good news for fans of the cult mystery meat treat.

McRib Promo [(Paul J. Richards / AFP/Getty Images]

Intrepid McRib hunters are using a ridiculous new iPhone app to track down the elusive, limited-edition mystery meat sandwich that’s beloved by many and feared by some.

Here’s the description of “McDonald’s McRib Finder” via the App Store:  

“The McRib is back! And this year, finding a McRib and sharing the love is easier and more fun than ever. With the official McDonald’s McRib Finder app, you can find the McRib at a participating McDonald’s nearby, then share it with your friends—all without leaving Messages.”  

Ok, sharing McRib locations does sound kind of pathetic, but McRib fans are hardly a prideful bunch. While it may be easier than ever to find one, skepticism still endures regarding its actual ingredients. Investigative efforts over the years have revealed that despite its suspiciously oblong shape, the McRib is definitely (mostly) pork-based.

Perhaps its best not to dwell on the sandwich’s precise makeup. It is 2016 after all, and we’ve got more important things to do than scrutinize mutant fast food abominations. 

In the meantime, watch this maniacal genius build and consume a leaning tower of McRibs in the immortal video above.  

h/t: Uproxx