Experts Say Medical Marijuana Could Be Good For Pets

“He tends to have an easier time taking long walks.”

dog weed


Dogs are man’s best friend, but what if they have arthritis, or just need to chill out? Researchers at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and stoners everywhere are totally stoked about a new study that suggests marijuana is not only good for humans, but for dogs, too.

In an ongoing survey, the researchers are asking pet owners what animals they’re giving medical marijuana to, for what diseases and problems, and if they’ve seen any noticeable benefits.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of research on the doses that are appropriate in animals,” Jamie Petyon of UC Davis told a local CBS affiliate, but regardless, there is ample evidence that cannabis has long-term advantages for pets.

In the survey, participants told researchers that their pets — mainly dogs — have seen amazing results from non-psychoactive CBD oil, and that it significantly relieves anxiety and pain, and helps control seizures.

“We’ve noticed that he doesn’t hop and skip as much,” says one woman who medicates her dog with the sticky icky. “He tends to have an easier time taking long walks, too.”

Aww, that warms my heart. Dogs are amazing and they always deserve to be blissfully happy and comfortable…and blazed out of their noggins. Just kidding. Don’t get your dog high as a pie with the good shit. Just CBD oil.

That said, the fact that marijuana has health benefits for animals does not mean you should hotbox with your dog and get him stoned, because animals, like cats and dogs, can’t metabolize THC as easily as we can, meaning just a little bit can have Fido tripping balls for an entire day or two.

What’s more is that animals can actually straight up die from marijuana intoxication, so do not, I repeat, do not give your dog a pot brownie. 

Veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter, who owns and directs the Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland, California, recommends giving pets small doses of CBD oil, and assures all paranoid pet-owners that it has absolutely no psychoactive properties. 

Richter says low doses of well-manufactured CBD oil has lots of long-term benefits for pets, “from seizure and pain relief to easing GI distress, treating joint-related issues and even addressing mood problems like stress, anxiety, and aggression.”

Wow, if only my neighbor knew about the wonders of doggy weed. Instead of putting his mean and aggressive dog on Prozac, he could just send him to cloud nine with some dank broccoli.

H/T: High Times