Meet Rising Model and Influencer Marina Pamo

“I guess modeling was a part of my destiny.”

Marina Pamo

Model and healthy-lifestyle advocate, Marina Pamo, stumbled upon her vocation almost by accident. When her sister couldn’t make it to an agency casting call, Marina went instead. They chose her, and she never looked back. Sure, there was time out for modeling school, but that only stoked the already torrid love affair between her and the camera.

“I was extremely insecure at the beginning. And it took me a few years to fully relax in front of the camera,” she tells us from her residence in Texas. “I was fascinated by models and fashion magazines throughout my childhood. So, I guess modeling was a part of my destiny.”

With her father in the Soviet Air Force, Marina and her family were constantly on the move when she was younger, relocating to destinations throughout Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Los Angeles has been home for the past 20 years, but now she has a newfound passion for Texas.

In non-pandemic times, she loves to travel, often stopping in London, Moscow, Monaco, Paris, New York, Dubai and other world-class cities. Whether for work or play, her itinerary always includes sightseeing, shopping, fine dining and art showcases like the Vatican Museum in Rome, Munich’s Residence Palace, and the Uffizi in Florence.

”They are full of amazing historical works of art. I love architecture and the magnificence of Moscow,” she says. “Switzerland also touched me deeply with its beautiful countryside and clean environment.”

At home, it was the study of alternative medicine that kept her going through the monotony of last year. “I am interested in the intertwining of Western and alternative medicine to help people improve vitality, beauty and overall health,” she explains. “Over centuries, humanity has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge. And I am in the process of studying as much of it as I can to gain a deep understanding.”

Staying in shape usually involves a long walk on the beach or in the city. And when the pandemic is over, she expects to travel again—“a multi-week health spa vacation somewhere in Europe where I can rejuvenate myself with juices and exercises. I love the healthy lifestyle.”

Over 250,000 followers on Instagram keep track of posts featuring Marina looking glamorous in five-star hotel lobbies, in a bikini, stepping off a private jet, or hanging with celebrities. “At the beginning of my Instagram, I was personally interacting with people and loved the genuine engagement,” she explains. “Unfortunately, I later stopped, as I now have multiple accounts and it has become too much to manage.”

It’s a busy life, one area of which recently got a lot simpler: dating. In 2019, she entered a committed marital relationship. “Everything in the world is changing at the speed of light now,” she says when asked about her plans for the future. “But, I know for sure that whatever I decide to be involved with will be connected to embracing a healthy way of living, beauty and femininity”.