Meet Model Julia Shea Hamilton

The Dallas-based beauty has starred in campaigns for Virgin Hotels, Neiman Marcus and The Shore Line.

(Photographer: Antoine Verlgas/@antoineverglas, Modeling Agency: The Salt Agency/@saltmodel)

You know you’ve succeeded as a model when a brand names a piece of clothing after you. Julia Shea Hamilton experienced that unique honor after modeling beachwear for The Shore Line, an Austin-based, woman-owned brand that enlisted her to co-design a piece for a recent collection.

“This campaign was so special to me not only because I love the pieces in the line and what they stand for, but also because I helped design one of the pieces in the line and they named it after me,” says Hamilton. “It will be called ‘The Shea’ in honor of my middle name. It’s an adorable t-shirt dress in two shades that’s timeless and chic. It was so exciting for me to see that piece come to life and then getting to model it for the campaign.”

The Dallas-based blonde—@juliasheahamilton on Instagram—counts the Shore Line among her favorite recent projects, but she’s modeled for a boatload of brands, including Cancun’s Le Blanc Spa Resort, Virgin Hotels, Neiman Marcus, MONAT, Dillard’s, Mac Dougal, JAG, KOCH and Belk.

“I loved getting to shoot in Mexico for Le Blanc,” Hamilton says. “It was beautiful and sunny and I love any job where I can shoot on the beach. That’s another reason I love shooting swimwear or beachwear. I’m excited to continue my career and to work with bigger brands and keep expanding my range.”

Between moving with her family numerous times over a period of several years and her own modeling moves, Hamilton says she’s relocated a whopping 64 times. “I’ve learned many things from moving so much,” she shares. “I can adapt to many different situations and places. I can be friends with lots of different kinds of people and I’m very good with change. I also learned to appreciate where you are in the different seasons of life.

“Life can change in an instant, so I think it’s important to find gratitude in all seasons of life, good or bad. No matter where you are, you can always find a reason to be happy and be thankful.” Hamilton fuels her positive mindset by staying in impeccable shape through practicing and teaching Lagree-style Pilates.

“It’s my favorite hobby in the whole world and teaching is such a nice outlet for me,” she says. “I think it really can transform your body, but also just taking that hour out of the day for yourself is vital. I love teaching it because you are helping others not only look good, but feel good about themselves. I was a cheerleader so encouragement comes naturally to me.”

Hamilton teases that she has a “lot of stuff in the works for modeling, so stay tuned,” but says she wants to launch another clothing company, noting that she previously designed her own line as a 14-year-old living in Newport Beach, Calif.

“Eventually I want to do another clothing line,” Hamilton declares. “Fashion is something that has been important to me since I was very young. I love modeling and can’t wait to see where my career goes, but this is something I would love to do in the future.”