Meet Kris and Marlene Gomez, the Entrepreneurial Couple That Used Instagram To Build Multimillion Dollar Businesses

How wealthy entrepreneurs Kris and Marlene Gomez used Instagram as “the catalyst behind all their businesses.”

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Starting a business is just a small part of the story; the hard work that comes afterward is the real test. Many people never enter the world of business, entrepreneurship, or investing due to the high amount of risk involved, and if they do, it’s difficult to grow because it requires skill and confidence. Kris and Marlene Gomez, however, broke these barriers and rose through the ranks to become the epitome of success. 

Kris grew up rather poor and then dropped out of high school. From his early years, he knew the importance of relationships and hardship. He knew the importance of things because they were not handed to him on a silver platter. With his wife Marlene by his side, he started to build his businesses. 

Kris’ success began through the hard work and effort he put into his telemarketing company, making it a success. This was no easy task, though, as Kris constantly had to look for mentors and learn the business – he went through a lot of trial and error to build a robust company. 

Though the telemarketing company was just the start, Kris was about to unleash his abilities to the fullest. He and Marlene are currently working on Ecomm Partners Inc., building automated Amazon and Walmart stores for investors, and the company is currently on track to do a jaw-dropping $30 million this year.

They also have a real estate company named KMD Property Solutions; they flip over 100 houses in the US every year and are currently on track to do an impressive $5 million this year. 

These ventures would be more than enough for most people; however, Kris and Marlene have sunk their teeth into even more. They do house flipping automation for the houses they flip. Kris is also a keynote speaker. He did an accelerator event, and he featured on none other than Jordan Belfort’s podcast as one of the country’s top sales producers. 

Kris, Marlene, and Kris’s partner at Ecomm Partners recently invested a significant amount of capital into opening an ambulatory surgical center (ASC) in Atlanta. 

When giving advice, Kris and Marlene say that no one should sleep on social media and to take full advantage of it. “Instagram is the catalyst behind all our businesses, and that’s the truth,” said Marlene. Kris and Marlene’s e-commerce business, which is making $30 million, has no paid ads and is based all on social media.

Regarding real estate, Kris and Marlene say to start with wholesale real estate and flipping. Focus on learning how to get properties directly from homeowners – the idea is to get them cheaper and then fix and flip them. 

Kris and Marlene are helping people earn money, especially through the e-commerce business and house automation business. They both look forward to the expansion of their businesses and starting a charity. Kris and Marlene are strong believers in philanthropy, and they want to give back to the community.