The 'Penis Seat' on Mexico City's Subway Will Make You Very, Very Uncomfortable

They're raising awareness of sexual assault by making everyone feel weird.
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Women who take mass transpiration in Mexico City have it rough. According to recent research, two thirds have experienced some form of sexual harassment on a subway or bus in Mexico's sprawling capital. 

Now the local government wants make sure everyone else is uncomfortable, too. That's the only way to explain the installation of this so-called "penis seat." The seat resembles a dude's nude torso and penis and has a sign above it that says it's for "men only." The idea appears to be that when men sit on it, they experience a bit of the discomfort women feel when a sweaty scumbag grinds her leg during rush hour.

“It is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily commutes,” a sign below the seat reads. 

As the PSA below makes clear, it's not just those who sit on the seat who are uncomfortable. Anyone who's riding nearby and catches a glimpse of the perpetually hard dick and nips is sure to have an unpleasant ride home.