Mia Khalifa And Britt McHenry In Bitter Net Neutrality Twitter Feud

“Net neutrality repeal might make your disgusting adult videos a little harder to access.”

Mia Khalifa Britt McHenry
Left: MTV

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality, a highly controversial decision that elicited a mixed bag of emotional responses from social media users everywhere. 

Former porn star-turned Twitter terror Mia Khalifa was one of many who blasted the FCC’s anti-net neutrality chairman, Ajit Pai, following the decision. 


Meanwhile, conservative ex-ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry falls on the other end of the spectrum on the issue. She essentially said the repeal was no big deal and recommended that people focus on more important issues.

“All that is going on in the world—military deployed oversees, North Korea threats, tax-reform challenges—more people are outraged they may have to pay a little more for free market options on the Internet. Give me a break.”

Khalifa quoted her tweet and fired back: “Net neutrality is the reason you can pay for a towed car online and avoid dealing with employees altogether,” calling to mind a notorious video of McHenry belittling a parking lot employee.   

It clearly struck a nerve in the former ESPN reporter. In a now-deleted response, McHenry tweeted, “Net neutrality repeal might make your disgusting adult videos a little harder to access…” 

Khalifa then called her out for slut-shaming, saying “I’d rather be a pervert than a bigot.” 

That tweet received a chorus of support from Khalifa’s followers. 



Sorry, Brit, but this round goes to Mia. 

But hey, they were once on pretty good Twitter terms, as seen from this warm exchange last April, so maybe there’s still hope for them to patch things up.