Mia Khalifa Courts Controversy By Slamming Israel as ‘Apartheid’ State

The Lebanon-born webcam model’s tweets are causing an online furor.

Mia Khalifa Promo
Still: YouTube/Sportsball

Mia Khalifa is making her views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict known by declaring Israel an “apartheid state.”

Regional tensions recently escalated into an 11-day-long conflict that resulted in at least 230 Palestinian and 12 Israeli deaths, Newsweek reports. Khalifa, a retired porn star-turned-webcam model who was born in Lebanon, strongly supports the Palestinian cause. 

She branded Israeli actress Gal Gadot “genocide Barbie” after the Wonder Woman star wrote that “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation.”

More recently, she shared an image of herself posing with two wine bottles dated 1943 and 1945. “My wine is older than your apartheid ‘state,'” she tweeted.

Avi Mayer, Managing Director of Global Communications at the American Jewish Committee, accused her of “showcasing champagne produced in Nazi-occupied France,” while the New York Post ran a headline reading, “Mia Khalifa poses with Nazi-era champagne, bashes ‘apartheid’ Israel.” 

Khalifa responded by dancing to French singer Édith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose,” released in 1947. 

“Enjoying what would be classified as “nazi-era” music according to the NYPost’s logic on things produced in 1940’s France.” 


She followed up with a reply reading, “Let’s keep this same energy in 78 years with people who support Israeli brands and products funding apartheid.”