Meet Real Estate’s Newest Millennial Influencer

Zumbly founder Jeb Carty is helping a new generation of home investors make serious money.

Jeb Carty

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As millennial consumers look for more flexible and sharable consumption options (across nearly all industries, from crowdfunding on Kickstarter to shared transportation options like Turo and Flex Jet), it was only a matter of time until even the most traditional ownership classes had to adapt as well.

Perhaps the most prominent of these traditional asset industries to close the gap has been the real estate industry.

Taking stock of the profound changes (such as transient and lucrative short term stay rentals via Airbnb), millennial entrepreneurs such as Jeb Carty have pioneered turnkey solutions that instantly allow consumers to evaluate and purchase properties based off current viability in the digital marketplace.

Take the company that Jeb founded, Zumbly, for instance. Zumbly factors real-time consumption drivers for millennials— such as airbnb rental income potential, price-to-rent ratio, and geographical relevance for the short-term stay market—into consideration.

The result is that Zumbly Home Buyers are immediately and seamlessly informed of all relevant factors in evaluating and selecting properties that will make them the most money.

According to Carty, “Zumbly aims to help consumers make money on their properties—money that can be spent to travel the world, pay off student debt, or simply enable them to have the freedom they’ve always wanted.”

It’s a lifestyle that the charming CEO seems to effortlessly embody. One look at his more casual Instagram profile showcases a charismatic entrepreneur coming-to-age who truly lives a life of various adventures and passions, including the management of up-and-coming urban pop artist Mike Nappi

The fun content, however, is an obvious nod to the lifestyle that a platform like Zumbly not only makes possible, but in some cases, wildly profitable, making its consumers’ dreams a reality.

As Jeb’s meteoric rise to success attests (as directly evidenced by his prolific Instagram growth as of late to 112,000 followers), millennials who can engineer business solutions to enable the current generation to find contemporary solutions on the macro scale are widely becoming the new thought leaders of our era.