Millennial Women Are Drinking Just as Much as Men for the First Time

Nice work, ladies.

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(Photo: Robert Deutschman/Getty Images)

Millennials are perhaps the most derided generation in history, but perhaps the hate is really directed at all those soft, weak-wristed millennial men out there. We should actually be praising women born between the years of 1991 and 2000 because they are officially drinking just as much as men, for the first time in recorded history.

To determine millennial women are just as wild and foolhardy as men, the study, published Tuesday in BMJ Open, aggregated 68 different international studies. Researchers found that men were twice as likely to drink than women in the early 1900s, a ratio that’s now been leveled 1.1. 

The Atlantic cites the research of Sharon and Richard Wilsnack, from the department of psychiatry and behavioral science at the University of North Dakota, to argue diminishing gender roles has resulted in fewer distinctions between how men and women drink:

“When women improve their education, employment, and status, they are likely also to have more opportunities to drink.”

Whether it’s a pint at a dive bar or a sparkling rosé while watching the latest episode of Girls, keep blazing those boozy trails, millennial women! We support you.

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